Welcome to the ShortOrme Productions website!

Behind the scenes on Rot

Ahh, here’s that awkward first post. This website has been a long time coming. ShortOrme Productions started operating in 2014 following a creative merger of Short Cut Films and Ormeson Films. After over a year of producing a number of shorts together, Andrew Beeken, Dan Hawbrook and Jonny Orme decided to make their creative partnership more permanent and began producing work under the ShortOrme banner. This led to 2014 being a relatively quiet year, production wise, but things are looking positive for 2015 with a new short in the final stages of post production, as well as a new short feature beginning pre-production with an aim to shoot over April/May.

Here’s where things currently stand:

  • All Good Things, a 25 minute short feature written and directed by Andrew Beeken was completed in August 2014 and will be released sometime mid 2015. You can find out more about that here.
  • November saw the production of a 4 minute skit called I Know Ninjas. We’re hoping to do a number of these throughout the year while we work on shorts and short features. We’ll post them here as we make them!
  • At the beginning of February 2015, we shot a dark short called Rot. Currently in post-production, we’ll have more information on that soon and you can see a behind the scenes shot on this post, as well as on our Facebook page!
  • We’re just starting pre-production on our next short feature, a romantic comedy written and directed by Jonny Orme, set to film in April/May 2015. We should be announcing more on that one soon.
  • We’re also working to up our production values this year, particularly where audio production is concerned. We’re looking at investing in some new gear and hopefully should be sharing some of our work in progress tests online. We’ve also recently started working with a new crew member, boom operator Luke Ross who will be featuring on more of our shoots going forward.

We’ve got some exciting films lined up on the slate so follow us here, on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, and let us know what you think!

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