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All Good ThingsCast

  • Louise Ross – Rose
  • Rebecca Blakemore – Lilly
  • Shaun Woodgates – The Youth
  • Doug Smith – Matt
  • Stephen Weller – Tom
  • Peter Hawbrook – The Inspector
  • Martin Webbe – Fincher
  • James Skingley – Sterne
  • Helen Taylor – Miss Ivy
  • Andrew Beeken – Moss
  • Dan Hawbrook – Jude

Written, Produced, Directed and Edited by Andrew Beeken

Cinematography and Sound by Jonny Orme

Special Makeup FX by Lou Auckland

Music by Stage of History


Rose is dissatisfied with her direction in life. When a chance encounter in her home town leaves her physically and mentally scarred, she’s given an opportunity to take her life in the direction she wants; all she must do is make a choice.


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Behind The Scenes

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