Human Too – Teaser Trailer

We’ve just put the teaser trailer for Human Too online! You can watch it below. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube, Twitter and Facebook channels to keep up to date with this production!

Human Too – In Production!

Hello! We are VERY pleased to announce that we are officially moving the status of our new short, Human Too to “In Production”. We’re scheduling shooting dates with our actors, putting the finishing touches to props and cosutumes and preparing storyboards for our shots! Today we’re pleased to unveil the logo for our film which has been created, alongside some branding for props, by Kieran McClung.

Synopsis: In the near future humanity, recovering from a great calamity, has found a dark new pasttime – the ZZone. As a pair of ZZone operators prepare to guide a group of contestants around the arena, a mysterious stranger infiltrates the facility with her own personal agenda that could put the lives of everyone inside at risk…

Human Too is written, directed and produced by Andrew Beeken based on a feature film script called “High Score” by Daryl Smith who is also producing.

Keep your eyes out for more updates including production

Production Update – Human Too

We’re finally coming out of the back of our short break and working  on a new short film. Human Too is a horror story set in the near future where mankind has found a new, dark form of entertainment. Andrew Beeken is directing and has written the script based on a story by Lincoln based writer Daryl Smith, who is also co-producing the film. We’re very early in production but we’re hoping to start shooting later this year. More updates as we have them!

Taking a break…

A couple of announcements – we’ve stopped production on Duality due to some personal reasons which have meant the footage we’ve shot up to this point will be unusable in a final cut.  While this is a real shame, as we genuinely had some great footage and had been experimenting with some different lighting and framing techniques, we’re taking that knowledge forward into a new project called “Human Too” which we’re gearing up to shoot later this year. We’ll be revealing more about this in the coming months but, for now, we’re taking a little break. Watch this space!

Rot – Watch it online NOW!

Hello folks! 2016 has been a quiet one for us. We’ve been pushing forwards, trying to put together our next short, Duality, which is proving slightly challenging! Nevertheless, we hope to have this done by mid 2017 so watch this space for more info!

In the meantime, we’ve decided to release the film we shot in 2015, Rot, online for you to watch. We’ve embedded it here for your viewing pleasure, but make sure you head over to our YouTube channel and give us a subscribe to be kept up to date with our latest releases!

Here’s Rot (be aware that this film contains strong language and scenes that some may find disturbing)

Introducing The NGB Show!

Hello there folks! Well, we messed up our plans to release Split and Rot this past valentines day. We make no excuses, but personal life got in the way across team ShortOrme and forced us to pull back from things for a bit. We’re still on course to launch those films as soon as possible, so keep an eye out for those, but in the meantime we’ve been busy with our first web series! We’ve partnered up with our friends at Next Gen Gaming Blog to produce their monthly show, which is full of humour, games, playthroughs and more. Check it out on YouTube below and don’t forget to Subscribe for more from the Next Gen Gaming Blog!

Valentines Day Double Bill – Split and Rot

Valentines day approaches and we are proud to announce that, on 14th Feb 2016, we will be releasing two super romantic films online for your viewing pleasure.

First off is the romantic drama-dey Split. Split is not a ShortOrme production but we are proud to be putting it on our YouTube channel. Produced in 2009 by Apostasy Films and directed by and starring our very own Jonny Orme, Split is the prequel chapter to our forthcoming short feature, Duality which is currently in production. You can watch the new trailer for Split below.

Rot is a dark horror/drama which we filmed early 2015. Written and directed by Andrew Beeken, starring Michael Henry, Gemma Wray, Shaun Woodgates, Lou Ross and Dan Hawbrook, Rot tells the story of a man who begins to find himself unravelling after a horrific car accident. After screening at last years Lincoln Shorts, Rot will be available to view online alongside Split on 14th February!

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Duality – In Production

So, we’ve been a bit quiet over the last few months, but that doesn’t mean we’ve not been busy! In addition to planning a new slew of short films for next year, we’ve been working on a film called Duality. It’s a comedy drama about love, sex and friendship, written by Jonny Orme and Andrew Beeken, starring Jonny Orme and Dan Hawbrook. We’ll be announcing more about this in the next few months, including new cast members and letting you know where you can see it in 2016! For now, check out the featurette below, subscribe and we’ll see you soon!