All Good Things – Behind the Scenes Gallery 2 and more character posters

All Good Things BTS Gallery 3

Okay folks, we’ve got a double update for you. First off, we’ve added a new behind the scenes gallery which you can find here. Second off we’ve got a new batch of promo posters, this time for the shady characters of The Youth and Fincher – how will they play into Roses story?

All Good Things Behind The Scenes Gallery 2

All Good Things BTS Gallery 2

What’s this? Another BTS gallery for All Good Things? Well, hit that up and have a look! This is from the second day of filming where things weren’t so wet and the cinematographer attempted to burn down one of the locations while we shot! There’s a picture of the charred light diffuser!

Check out the gallery here.

All Good Things Promo Gallery

Hello all! New post time and we’re continuing the press towards the release of All Good Things. Today we’ve got three posters for you that we produced during the shoot way back in 2014. These have previously appeared on our former site, Short Cut Films, but we’re reproducing them for you here. We’re starting with the characters of Rose, Lilly and Matt, as portrayed by Louise Ross, Rebecca Blakemore and Doug Smith.

All Good Things – Behind The Scenes

IMG_0045 Here’s a quick post as we build up to the release of All Good Things on July 1st. We’ve started a gallery of Behind The Scenes stills on Google’s new Photos service. You can go and check it out here:

This was from the first day of shooting with Louise Ross, Shaun Woodgates, Rebecca Blakemore and Doug Smith. Andrew Beeken was directing and operating handheld camera while Jonny Orme was on DoP duties and operating the dolly. As you can see it was a bit wet but we all had a great time shooting at Hubbards Newsagents in Washingborough near Lincoln, nailing five scenes on location there.

All Good Things release date

Hello people! Quick update for you all with a final release date for our short film, All Good Things. You will be able to see the film online from the 1st July 2015! We’re very excited to finally be bringing you this short, which was made in 2014 with a stellar cast featuring Louise Ross, Shaun Woodgates, Stephen Weller and many, many more! It’s been a while, but join us in just over a months time as we finally lift the cover off this film.

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Rot Trailer

Hello folks! So, it’s been a while since we last posted here. In that time we’ve finished production on our latest short, Rot. A horror/drama mix starring Michael Henry, Gemma Wray, Shaun Woodgates, Louise Ross and Dan Hawbrook, we’ll be releasing Rot online later this year. Before then, we’ve cut together a quick trailer for the film which you can watch below. Hope it whets your appetite for the full film! We’ll be telling you more about Rot, including hopefully where you’ll be able to see it, later in the year!