Download the screenplay for All Good Things

Hello! As we push ahead with pre production on Human Too, which is coming along VERY nicely, we’ve decided to add some screenplays for our short films to the site, starting with All Good Things.

You can download the screenplay as a PDF here. Don’t forget to check out the film here and drop a comment, like, share and subscribe to our YouTube channel!

New Sketch – Jam

We’re still taking a small break but, in the meantime, here’s a sketch that we shot a year or so back and have only just got round to finishing off. It’s called Jam. Enjoy!

Taking a break…

A couple of announcements – we’ve stopped production on Duality due to some personal reasons which have meant the footage we’ve shot up to this point will be unusable in a final cut.  While this is a real shame, as we genuinely had some great footage and had been experimenting with some different lighting and framing techniques, we’re taking that knowledge forward into a new project called “Human Too” which we’re gearing up to shoot later this year. We’ll be revealing more about this in the coming months but, for now, we’re taking a little break. Watch this space!

Introducing The NGB Show!

Hello there folks! Well, we messed up our plans to release Split and Rot this past valentines day. We make no excuses, but personal life got in the way across team ShortOrme and forced us to pull back from things for a bit. We’re still on course to launch those films as soon as possible, so keep an eye out for those, but in the meantime we’ve been busy with our first web series! We’ve partnered up with our friends at Next Gen Gaming Blog to produce their monthly show, which is full of humour, games, playthroughs and more. Check it out on YouTube below and don’t forget to Subscribe for more from the Next Gen Gaming Blog!