ShortOrme Productions

All Good Things (2015)

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Directed by: Andrew Beeken

Written by: Andrew Beeken

Running time: 24min

Rose is dissatisfied with her direction in life. When a chance encounter in her home town leaves her physically and mentally scarred, she’s given an opportunity to take her life in the direction she wants; all she must do is make a choice.


  • Louise Ross – Rose
  • Rebecca Blakemore – Lilly
  • Shaun Woodgates – The Youth
  • Doug Smith – Matt
  • Stephen Weller – Tom
  • Peter Hawbrook – The Inspector
  • Martin Webbe – Fincher
  • James Skingley – Sterne
  • Helen Taylor – Miss Ivy
  • Andrew Beeken – Moss
  • Dan Hawbrook – Jude


  • Written, Produced, Directed and Edited by Andrew Beeken
  • Cinematography and Sound by Jonny Orme
  • Special Makeup FX by Lou Auckland
  • Music by Stage of History